Jones Act

Personal injuries and wrongful deaths at sea are subject to the provisions of the Jones Act.  Addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court and Fifth Circuit in multiple decisions,  special rules apply to the estimation of damages in such cases.  Dr. Horner has consulted in numerous cases involving injury or death at sea, and is familiar with the legal requirements for economic analysis in this context.

Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. v. Pfeifer, 462 U.S. 523, 103 S. Ct. 2541, 76 L. Ed. 2d 768 (1983).  This decision offers extensive discussion of the estimation of lost earnings and earning capacity.

For examples of application of Pfeifer reasoning to Jones Act cases see Madore v Ingram Tank Ships, 732 F.2d 475 (5th Circuit 1984), and Hernandez v. Rajaan, 841 F.2d 582 (5th Cir. 03/30/1988)


Important notice:  The above information is not legal advice.  A qualified attorney should be consulted on all matters of law.